Samsung Galaxy Note 4 leaked in strange block case

With Samsung about to launch Galaxy Note 4 soon, as expected there are various rumors about the phones circulating online. In the latest images leaked by TechTastic, we can clearly see  Samsung’s stylus-friendly smartphone kept inside a security to keep its identity a secret, but another screen shot consisting of the device screen shot, clearly concludes about the images are of Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Google plans to release two Nexus phones this year

Google’s Nexus range phones have always been topic of speculation and rumor. It is believed that Mountain View based company plans to launch two phones in its upcoming range of Nexus Series. According to sources, Google may launch these new two new smartphones along with its awaited and rumored Nexus 8.9 tablet.

Samsung to launch new curved corner series – The Galaxy Alpha

In a recent blog post published by Samsung , shows some information about characteristics of its upcoming Galaxy Alpha Series, such as curved corners, metal frame and overall sleek design.